Cemetery Services

Complete, Compassionate Care With A Wealth Of Options

At Russell Haven of Rest, our all-embracing range of services is comforting to those who call on us for help. Our cemetery services are typical of the complete, compassionate assistance we offer with the many choices we provide in your time of loss.

Interment and Memorial Options

We are deeply committed to providing you with personal attention and the very best of everything to make our cemetery an appropriate and comforting experience of value. Our commitment to the families we serve is an eternity of caring attention that begins with the interment service. We offer three types of interment options: traditional in-ground burial, mausoleum entombment, and cremation. Our compassionate planning and fulfillment of these services are a great help to families as they remember and honor their loved one. A memorable service is the first step to recovery from grief.

Traditional In-Ground Burial

For traditional in-ground burials, we supply Wilbert Burial Vaults because the quality is superb, and the distributors are service-minded people of integrity. We offer upright monuments as well as ground-level grave markers, and we can help you select a custom monument that is uniquely designed to honor the memory of your loved one. The range of options is vast to accommodate all budgets.

Mausoleum Area

Our private-estate mausoleum area was professionally designed for those individuals and families that prefer above-ground entombment in a private, family mausoleum. Professional designers are available to help you with the selection of a stately family mausoleum.

Cremation – Garden of Remembrance

Our Garden of Remembrance is a place specially designed to accentuate the natural beauty and peacefulness of the grounds and to accommodate those who choose cremation. The Garden features ground-burial locations and a columbarium of niches for urn placement. For those who prefer to be scattered, there is a designated area for casting the ashes and a monument for engraving the name of your loved one. The layout is designed to create a more intimate place for expressing grief and to offer memorialization that represents the memories of those who share our path of life. Since cremation by itself is not a funeral service, Russell Haven of Rest Cemetery offers ceremony choices, which can be personalized, in addition to a cemetery convenience option.

Veterans Section

Many veterans neither request nor expect special recognition for their contributions. But at Russell Haven of Rest, we believe American veterans of all ages and from all branches of service deserve respect and gratitude for their selfless, courageous commitment to protecting our freedom. That’s why we have a designated Veterans Section with a beautifully designed memorial to give special tribute to those men and women who have proudly served in the United States armed forces during times of war.

A desire to remember and to be remembered after death is a very human expression of our nature. Our staff is prepared to help you choose the type of interment and proper memorialization that satisfies your wishes and the preferences of family and loved ones.


Choosing a memorial, commonly called a grave marker, for you and your family is an important decision. After all, it is a testament of love, a memory set in stone or bronze forever. The memorial that you select today becomes a family heirloom, an inspiration and hope for the living. Selecting a memorial that best reflects your personality and preferences may take several attempts, and that’s why Russell Haven of Rest will help you with paper proofs and the necessary assistance to assure your satisfaction in the final product. Our manufacturers are exceptional craftsmen who use only the finest materials in creating memorials of true distinction.

We like to say, “If you can help us get your ideas on paper, our designer can get it to stone.” Though choosing a memorial may be an unwelcome task at times, families generally feel a great sense of satisfaction and pride once the memorial is installed. It will prove to be a fine way to express your devotion and remembrance, to mark and give meaning to an honored place in the cemetery.

Memorials may be designed and ordered in advance or after a death. RHR is an ethical, properly licensed dealer of memorials so you can be assured of receiving proper attention to this special task whether the grave you wish to mark is in our cemetery or another cemetery.